Walk By Faith Ministries
Charted #1 for 2 weeks 8/23 -8/30 2019

Richard and Angela Cruel are husband and wife Urban Gospel Hip-Hop Artists who resides in Natchez, Mississippi.  We attend Jasmine Ridge Baptist Church of Fayette, Mississippi under the leadership of Pastor Rev Richard Cruel Sr.   We started our journey of Walk By Faith Gospel Music Ministry as a husband and wife team in 2017  

Walk By Faith Ministries

Through our message, we have a passion and desire to encourage  Believers and Unbelievers that Jesus is Lord and to walk by faith.  Our ministry, Walk By Faith, stands for our trust in God for whatever journey of life He takes us.   We stand on the Word of God from Matthew 16:24 -25 which states: 
24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save their life[a] will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.

Love So Amazing
Lyrico GodChild

Augustine Kiawu, but well known as Lyrico Godchild born and raised in Liberia, a country on the west coast of Africa. Lyrico came to the united states in 2002, Nov 2. He live in Maryland, silver spring for a year, than move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 1, 2003. Where he met couple of African and black american rappers. After a freestyle sessions, Augustine was given the name Lyrico. Ever since than, Lyrico have become one of the best African artist in the African and american community.  Lyrico was the founders and CEO for Lyrico/LIB Record. A hip pop record and productions company, Lyrico was arrested and jail for a crime carrying a charges of 40yrs of jail time if he is found guilty. This is when Lyrico’s life took a turn, while serving jail time in Doylestown, Pennsylvania at the Buck county correctional facility. Lyrico had a powerful vision of the Lord God Almighty, according to Lyrico Godchild. He heard a very powerful and steady Lil voice, yet loud enough and calm. In the vision, he was instructed to accept Christ Jesus, the SON OF GOD as his personal Lord and Savior. And give his life to God, because  he was created to serve GOD and do his works.

Lyrico GodChild

Moreover, GOD told him, if you do this and Harken to my voice and obey me and do all that I tell you. I GOD will bless you and fight your battle and take you from jail and transform your life in so many ways that those who knew you before will be surprised and won’t believe that you are the same person they once knew.   On March 17, 2009, Lyrico was released on bail and all charges were dropped against Lyrico as GOD promise him. Since then, Lyrico has changed his life and decided to use his gifts to do GOD’s works. Since then Lyrico has decided to live for Christ and do his work as he was commanded. Currently, Lyrico is a faithful and true minister of the Gospel of Christ and also part of the deliverance ministry in Church Of The Divine Covenant, which is located in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Bro Augustine, also calls Lyrico Godchild, is currently married to Mrs. Julie M. Kiawu with 3 beautiful kids. Lyrico decided to get rid of the hip-pop label, and turn it into a gospel label to preach GOD’S WORD for GOD’s Glory through Christ, Lyrico is the owner of K-N-G Gospel Kingdom LLC, a gospel company that consists of a gospel label(Divine Record), a production label(Lyrico Ent), music publishing, Artist development etc… In 2016, Lyrico recorded his first EP title(I.S.M) I AM SENT ME. Which was released off his own indie label KNG MUSIC GROUP/DIVINE RECORDS. The EP was to test the water and create some type of path for me said LYRICO GODCHILD. In 2017 of  February 14, Lyrico re-released the EP through SUGO MUSIC GROUP, one of the music industry powerhouse independent distribution companies. To listen to the EP, click on Lyrico’s music tab which is a sub-menu under Lyrico’s bio tab. check

Only You

The LORD has anointed Calvin Bridges to teach Praise and Worship seminars, and perform Gospel music throughout the world. Bridges was ordained into the Gospel ministry at the Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois and ordained an Elder in the Churches of God In Christ by Bishop William H. Bonner of the Sixth Jurisdiction of Illinois. Currently, he is a member of the Apostolic Faith Church, Chicago, Bishop Horace E. Smith MD,


Calvin Bridges

Pastor, and serves the nations of the earth through Word and Song, singing and teaching the Good News about Jesus. You are going to love this Artist and his Hit Music! Calvin Bridges, 2 time Stellar Award Winner; Grammy Nominated, teaches Praise and Worship seminars and performs Gospel music throughout the world, singing and teaching the Good News about Jesus.. You’re going to love this Artist and his Hit Music!

Robert A. Green Jr is a passionate and talented Gospel Artist who considers his creations as “songs from my heart,” and people can listen to 50 gospel songs, 60 R&B songs, and instruments. He creates all these songs.
During his first year of Junior High School, music took center stage for Robert. Being in music class at school, he gained an opportunity to sing, which he loved to do. Whenever his music
teacher hears him sing, he received a lot of compliments because of his perfect pitch. As a result, he became more inspired to pursue his love for music. By the beginning of 9th grade, he joined his first boy band known as “New Creation.”
Together with his bandmates, they performed all over Oakland, Ca, since they have moved there in the summer of 1983. They had an impromptu audition for the legendary R&B group
“The Whispers,” and it was his most memorable experience with his bandmates.

Robert Green

After his first year of high school, Robert asked his employer to help purchase his first keyboard. With that keyboard, he started writing songs and producing his own music. At
first, it was very shaky, but he just kept at it. Over the years, he got a little better, and his family and friends are the first people to hear his music.
“I’ve written to what I feel in my heart over the years, whether it be gospel or RnB. I’m a late bloomer, but I’m ready to share my talent with the masses. I want to inspire others around
the world to follow their heart and dreams,” Robert says.
As an independent gospel artist, Robert believes that there are no fast rules in achieving success, but there’s a lot to say about being a teachable and humble spirit. He knows that
virtue isn’t only a virtue but an important ingredient when starting a career as an independent artist.
About Robert A. Green, Jr.: Robert A. Green Jr. is an independent artist who was born on July 24, 1971, in the town of
Little Rock Ark, but he was not raised there. He was raised in a small town, which is one of the twin cities by the name of Helena/West Helena. The small town is about 144 miles of Little Rock. He grew up listening to music in the home and church. Like a lot of American families, he and his family often go to church. He considers his childhood to be happy as it was full of music.

All Planned Out (Remix)

Gayla James was born in Fort Myers FL, where she begin singing at the age of 3. She has shared the stage with many icons of gospel music such as Marvin Sapp, Earnest Pugh, Kirk Franklin, Vickie Winans and many more. Gayla has performed twice on Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Show on BET. She has been feature on Lee Pitts Live on Fox4. Gayla James recorded her first independent album in 2003 entitled “Neverending Praise, and released her sophomore project “Broken” which was nominated for numerous awards across the country.


Gayla James

She is the CEO of her own label entitled “Mackel Records”. Gayla James music is a blend of urban, r&b, jazz, pop gospel with a unique style that everyone can relate too. Her music is getting airplay all around the world. Gayla James is doing what others say, can’t be done, she believes you can achieve your dream by being consisted and passionate about your gift. Gayla James is the heart and soul of her music.

Naneyere Thomas who has been singing as long as she can
remember, comes from a family of Recording Artist. You
can credit her Mother & Father for the multi-talented
Gospel Music genius she is.
She is married to the love of her life and they have two
wonderful children in college. Naneyere is a 2011
graduate of Capital University with a Bachelors of Science
in Accounting and holds an Accredited ACH Professional
(AAP) certification since 2015. She has been the Worship
Leader at the Truth Church for over ten years.

Naneyere Thomas

She has been a part of several productions (stage plays,
musicals, concerts and workshops and sang background for
several artists. Her sound is unique and she will have you
on your feet with her soulful traditional gospel sound and
then she transforms into her neo-soul style to get you rocking to her latest sultry single, Romans 8.

Naneyere Thomas Romans 8


Norris Williams

For Norris it was upon attending a religious service that inspired him to write and produce his first Christian song “A Voice For Jesus” for Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Wayne Cochran, this opportunity led Norris to many opportunities and started Norris on his musical journey once again, uplifting and encouraging all whom he would perform in front of.

Norris began to spread his music wings and started a 3 member group named C.L.O.S.E.
(Choosing Love Over Societies Evolution). C.L.O.S.E. uplift’s God’s word through their music reaching out to those in need of encouragement during trouble times.

Prayer Of The Backslider

Daniel Musgrove
No Matter

Presently Daniel is the owner of MMGHTV.org, an internet television ministry broadcasting 26 hours a week (and counting). He’s also a radio show host on Mondays from 3pm-5pm on 92.5FM. Since the small beginnings of his ministry he has written for, produced, and collaborated with major gospel artists including: Jabez, Second Chance, Johnny Sanders, Stephan Peninsilyn, King Ace, and a host of others. Daniel has done music and video production for Devonette Bucknor, Angelo Riviera, Dhalia Ashley, Sparky, and Michelle Gordon.

Daniel Musgrove

       Daniel Musgrove is a devoted husband; a present father; a business owner; a songwriter; a music producer; a radio personality; a music instructor; a television producer; the television host of Musgrove Music Gospel Corner (MMGC); and the President of his newly created entity, Musgrove Music Distribution. He is an evangelical music minister who’s spreading the “good news” of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and his modes of evangelism are songwriting, singing, social media, and the internet. One can only say that the sky’s the limit to what God has in store for a man that has proven to be tenacious in matters of business, yet so humble and submissive to Jesus Christ. As the President of Musgrove Music Inc, Daniel will tell you, “praising God is our business, and business is good.”

LaDonna Taylor

LaDonna is a 2019 Female Gospel Alabama music award winner. She began writing music in 2000 when she moved to Detroit Michigan from Huntsville, AL to express her feelings at that time. Through the years she has critiqued and honed her craft. In 2006 she began recording her own music, Establishing

her voice and her style. In 2009 LaDonna was selected to represent Alabama State University in the 105 Voices of History to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and later 2012 at the Grand Old Opry. She sang behind talents such as: Take 6, Tremaine Hawkins, Shirley Caesar and Wynona Judd.

LaDonna is a 2019 Female Gospel Alabama music award winner. She began writing music in 2000 when she moved to Detroit Michigan from Huntsville, AL to express her feelings at that time. Through the years she has critiqued and honed her craft. In 2006 she began recording her own music, Establishing her voice and her style. In 2009 LaDonna was selected to represent Alabama State University in the 105 Voices of History to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and later 2012 at the Grand Old Opry. She sang behind talents such as: Take 6, Tremaine Hawkins, Shirley Caesar and Wynona Judd.
Through these experiences she found her calling to sing music that had a positive message. She began singing professionally in 2012 When she joined the band “Something Special” She sang behind blues artist Stephanie Pickett as the “Style Band” and toured with saxophone artist Vanyell and group H2O traveling across Alabama and shining. In 2015 she began singing and touring as a duo with Gospel artist Jennifer Lee. She’s auditioned and made it to the top 10 in Alabama for The T.V. show X Factor. She has been featured in an article titled, “Music We Can Trust”. She later sang with Rayshun Walker and the
Alabama movement choir. She also does voice over acting for audio book narration for Amazon audible, and doing credit repair a recent project she has started working on. She is also currently working on her new music project and is eager to continue walking the path that God has placed in front of her.

Jody Finch

Christian singer Jo D was solidly on the path to fulfilling his dream to be a professional baseball player when his mother’s breast cancer diagnosis resulted in him leaving college – and baseball – to care for her. What happened in the subsequent years resulted in the young man feeling a call to music ministry. Jo D, who is now the Youth Pastor at New Life at Park Street in Jacksonville, Florida, has released his first single in 2017, “This Time is For You” to Christian AC and Christian CHR radio today. Jo D (Jody Finch) wrote the single, which incorporates pop and R&B influences. Big Hack produced the project. Jo D’s second single “First Class Love” encourages women in abusive relationships to not settle for less than what God has for them. He is currently working on his album. In 2018, Jo D went on a seven city tour, in addition, he opened up for Keith Wonderboy Johnson, Tony Grant from Tyler Perry’s “Love Thy Neighbor” TV show, and Maurice Griffin who was a finalist on Kirk Franklin’s TV show “Sundays Best”. Jo D is currently signed with IMG Records through Sony Orchard Distribution. Jo D had discovered music and singing as a child, a passion he shared with his mother. Because he was too shy to sing in public, Jo D focused on his love of baseball. His talent for the game earned him recognition that led to his college baseball career.

Jody Finch

During the two years that Jo D cared for his mom before she passed away, the two of them spent time singing together and, Jo D said, she introduced him to God. Soon after her death, Jo D signed a contract to play minor league baseball in Louisiana. Alone in a new city, Jo D says he turned to women to fill his loneliness, a choice that led to remorse and the feeling that God was pursuing him. Jo D left baseball and returned home, where he met and married his wife. After he began writing and performing music again, a manager in Atlanta contacted him about recording R&B music. His involvement in the music industry coincided with his marriage deteriorating. In what Jo D calls “a pivotal moment,” he fell to his knees and cried out to God. “I realized I had been religious, but did not have a personal relationship with God,” he said, adding that although he had grown up in church, he had moved away from his faith as a teenager and young adult. “In that moment, I surrendered my life to Christ and asked God to take away everything not pleasing to Him.”

The One

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