Derrell started singing in his dad’s church choir a 5 years of age. While attending public schools in his hometown of Daytona Beach, Beach, he joined the elementary school chorus and continued to sing through high school. He also taught himself to play keyboards so he could create music to go with the lyrics that God inspired him to write. Derrell’s love for God and Gospel music planted him in the music ministry for over 25 years, often serving as a Praise and Worship leader.  This constant exposure to the presence of God saturated Derrell with the powerful anointing.

Derrell Thomas – Thank You Lord

HIs gifts took him to impressive stages, including openings for Yolanda Adams, Byron Cage and Josh Groban. He was also a member of The New Christainaires, who’s first EP received five Rhythm of Gospel Award nominations.
Derrell’s trust in God led him to step out as a solo artist.  
Derrell has appeared on the “Bobby Jones Presents” television broadcast where he performed his first single, “My All and All.” He was named “Most Inspirational New Artist” of the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards in Houston and had the opportunity performed at the “Stellar Awards Finale” in Vegas. 

Dorothy Vaughn

2020 Praise Factor Award nominee; 2020 Kingdom Image Award; Red Room Gospel TV Appearance; 1019 Cover Feature Story in IGA E-Magazine Vol 4; IRC Billboard Chart #5- wk 1/13/18; N1M Local Christian Chart wk 1/6/20 to date.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a resident citizen and was born in Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi. Natchez has the distinction of being known as a “tourist retirement city” due its antebellum homes and its memories of freedom marches for civil rights.”
I have received favor to participate in such efforts as Star Search of John Harlan; Songbird Promotion of Jackson, TN; Sunday Best in Houston, Texas, and Your Voice Matter Showcase in which I received an Award of Participation in the year of 2013. Finally, my latest CD is produced by yours truly, “I want the World to Know Your Name and Praying Time. My talented son, Michael Credit, produce “Turning Away” whom he’s talented as a Producer, songwriter and a musician. Lastly, yet present by I am so excited to be a part of IGA E- Magazine Gospel Music Showcase. To all those family, friends, and church family who cast their vote for showcase song pick of the week “Praying Time”.

Praying Time

Dorothy Vaughn Indie Music Chart archive.

2020 Praise Factor Awards nominee; Kingdom Image Award nominee; Live performance at the Love Worship Tour; Guest on Gospel Praise Mix Down Show; DWGN Top 10 Chart #7 -wk9/23/20; Local N1M Pop chart #2 -#5 1/6/-1/20/20.

I am BourN’gan, formerly known as Anthony L. Smith. Last releasing music in 2002, I believe it necessary to reintroduce myself to the world. I am married with three sons and am very proud of the young men my wife and I have raised.  Ministry has never left me, as I have remained dedicated to my Lord, my family, my church and my community.  The Lord has continued to bless me with new material, while sustaining me as a husband, father, mentor and provider.  I have remained active in the community as a minister, educator, coach and mentor. I have looked forward to the day Jesus would enable me to flow in my musical gifts again. As I meditated on the vision that was placed upon my heart, the name “BourN’gan” was deposited into my spirit! I asked The Lord, “what does this mean?”  Not knowing the meaning, I was led to simply open up a dictionary and found the meaning to be simple in definition, but SPIRITUALLY PROFOUND! A “Bourn” is a river that flows seasonally…! “N’gan” is significant in that I have been led to share my giftings with the world again..

Stronger ft. Darryl Owens

BourN’gan Indie Music Chart archive

DWGN Radio Wk 11/18 – 11/24/20; GSWC Radio Show Guest;


Lydia Salett Dudley is a jazz pianist, singer, composer and arranger in Raleigh, NC. She is the bandleader for the group Jazz Xpressions.  She received her Graduate degree from North Carolina Central University and currently sits on the board of the Heart of Carolina Jazz.  In 2011 her passion for music education eventually led her to start The Salett Art Center, Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide music enrichment for underserved youth.  She has performed on many occasions.  Her most memorable performance was the opportunity to perform at the childhood home of Nina Simone in Tryon, NC, which was declared a National Treasure in 2018.  She has released several albums to date including her latest 2019 holiday cd entitled “This Is Christmas”.

Dra Hill’s soulful sounds are played on DWGN’s Holy Matrimony Love Jams Show; NListic Radio; VSC Secular Radio

You Bring Me Joy

PJ is a Smooth Soul R & B Artist. I have recorded a few songs in my lifetime and have promoted a few artists. I love music and I love helping others reach their goals. I am the president and founder of Kansas City Hot Traks LLC, which is a promotional avenue for local artists in the Kansas City area. I have moved to Texas to connect with others in the business to continue to promote those and other artists.

Church Dance

A true God send, Flint MI native, Shanta Natre Smith a.k.a The Eagle, is an artist, writer, producer, clothing
designer & engineer that blends the perfect dosage of soul, hip hop, street and spirituality to create a unique and unprecedented, sound he describes as, soul food. He has an extraordinary way of putting his heart and soul in records that cuts through to the core of his listeners. His commanding stage presence and gift of ministry leaves a mark on all who have experienced his gift.
Shanta’s musical journey began during his time in foster care, at the young age of 12 where he began to
develop his craft, writing his pain, emotions and experience down, releasing it in the form of music.
Much of his style can be attributed to listening to and observing a wide range of artist from the late great
Michael Jackson (whom he shares the same birth date with), Al Green, 2Pac, and John P. Kee to everything in between. Shanta doesn’t want to give light or glory to what he has been through, but how he has overcome.
After dropping out of school multiple times and a past full of trauma, God rose him from the ashes to
become a beacon of hope for those who remain in mental and physical bondage. He obtained a Bachelors in Social Work and a Masters in Criminal Justice. Now dedicated to reaching back into the ashes and sharing the message of God into the hearts and minds of believers and non-believers to ignite the flame within God’s people, that they may believe again, feel again, trust again and love again.
Shanta began his professional career in the group Bloodlines A.D., with his two older twin brothers Tamiekco and Damiekco, with the release of their Maxi single “Fallen Angels” in 1999. They graced the stage with many industry big names, from Busta Rhymes, Dayton Family, MC Breed to name a few. However, God has a way of changing the course of our lives. Many are called few are chosen.
After turning from the streets, Shanta began working on his first solo gospel album “Emergency”, which he released 08/7/19. Half way through the project, Shanta teamed up with singer and rapper Antoine Brown to form “The Eagle and the Lion”. They have currently been touring the region promoting Shanta’s, Emergency album, while working on their duo project “Detox” which they released the single for 10/3/19. They have performed at the Civic Center, Saginaw’s Horizon Event Center, Dort Federal Event Center, and local churches.

Gayla James – Shadows

Gayla James is a Urban Christian Artist From Fort Myers Florida. Gayla has 4 cd projects independently, she compose her own songs. Gayla James has won numerous awards and nominated for numerous awards. Gayla has performed on Dr. Bobby Jones
Gospel Show Presents twice. She has shared the stage with many icons of gospel and secular music, from Dorothy Norwood to Shirley Murdock. She performed on Lee Pitts Live Fox4, and CTN Sounds Of Refreshing Christian Network. Gayla James has been featured in Root Magazine, American Pride Magazine, Urban Girl Magazine, and Cashbox Magazine Music Charts. Gayla
James . Gayla James music brings new flavor to the music world, its refreshing and moves the spirit.

DWGN Radio Wk 9/7-11/11/19; 12/19-1/20/20 to date; N1M local R&B chart # 24 -#49 wk 1/13/20 todate.

God’s Got It

Miracle, one of the most talented writers of today like a diamond in the rough. Introducing Samuel Brown Jr., aka Miracle. Miracle has written over 150 songs and still counting. His mentors include The Winans, Donnie Mcclurklin, Kirk Franklin, and Canton Jones. He has shared the stage with such new artist as Tasha Cobbs, JJ Hairston, and VaShawn Mitchell. His songs are cutting edge with New movement Christian music. Setting a new level of worship and praise. His production is clean and Miracle sets the trends. He has an awesome testimony of a miracle that God performed in his life. When doctors had given up on him, the Lord God Almighty said not so. You will go forth and be a minister of my people. 
Miracle is currently releasing his debut album entitled Heavens Rain and his hit single Calibration. Miracles journey has just begun with upcoming videos Heavens Rain and highly anticipated 2-lit dance video. His music is available on multiple digital music outlets including I tunes, Spotify, Google play, and etc. So watch out for this up and coming artist! Miracle is also in negotiation with a major tv network for a reality show.  

DWGN Radio Chart Top 8/23/19 for 23 weeks to date; IRC Billboard1/13/20 #1 to date; NiM Hip Hop Chart 14 weeks 9/1 – 11/18/19

Running To You
Tyrie Thomas Commercial

Chart Toppers on DWGN Radio Wk 8/28 -10/23/19; 12/30/19 to date; IRC #1/20/20 to date; N1M Week 12/6 to date.

On From Here

eclectic [ih-klek-tik] – deriving ideas, style, or taste from a diverse range of sources 
The truth is, few artists truly embody what it is to be eclectic. But, in the curious case of Jonah’s Run; the term eclectic is the first word that comes to mind when you hear their soulful melodies and genius musicality. The DNA of the Jonah’s Run sound is uniquely eclectic comprising of 3 members; Sharrod Ford, Ta-Ki Morant, and Michael Mines; The three strands that when combined form a singular unforgettable sound. The mixture of Sharrod’s soulful raspy R&B influenced baritone, the soulful resonance of Ta-Ki’s delivery and Michael’s vocals that hearken back to the Winans Era with a hint of traditional quartet combine for a tasty musical gumbo! The song Prodigal Me an emotional call to repentance that tugs on the heart without condemning. While USAVEDME is a guitar-driven light rock anthem that proclaims the gospel. Save my Generation is an unplugged folk styled story of a lost generation told over a single repeating Guitar riff. As you stir the Musical gumbo that is Jonas run, you will also find the Reggae styled John 10 Ripped almost verbatim from scripture to your liking. There is a fine line between eclectic and chaotic and these storytellers seem to know just where the line is and how not to cross it. While each song’s genres are perhaps worlds apart. The Jonah’s Run Project remains Gumbo never becoming potluck. Formed in Winter 2016 for what was supposed to be a one-time event, the music ministry of Jonah’s Run Has been running strong ever since with no end in sight…
The term eclectic is a commonly used descriptive word for music and art, but what is eclecticism really?

Took a Few Daggers

Virgil Pickney is an up and coming gospel recording artist, pastor and entrepreneur that is driven by his love, zeal and passion for Christ. Virgil lived in Long Beach, CA with his mother and two siblings for the majority of his life, up until the age of 18 where he then set out to join the Army with a goal to earn money to go to school. He served in the military for four years and was privileged to live all over the globe, not knowing that later in life he would again be a soldier but this time it would be for Christ, serving in the Army of the Lord. While growing up, his mother was the most influential person in his life. It was from her that he learned to love and appreciate the gift of music. As time progressed, music became therapy for him, a form of escape. Today, at this point in his life, his biggest influences are Yahweh God, his wife and his daughters.​  Mr. Pickney is anticipating the release of his upcoming single, “Change Is Coming” off of his newly released album, “The Cure”. He is taking the kingdom of darkness by storm.

Pastor Danny Hudson
Wash Me All Over

Pastor Danny Hudson is a passionate and skilled praise and worship leader, teacher, motivational speaker and singer/songwriter who devotes his life to glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ both in word and in deed. Winning his first talent show at the age of 10, would be the springboard for a lifelong love of music and writing. Although a tragic accident almost took his life in 1988, Pastor Hudson is gracious that God spared his life to be able to share the good news of the gospel through teaching and singing. In 2014, Pastor Hudson founded Calvary Worship Center in Newnan, Georgia for worshipers and followers of Jesus Christ in his community to have a place of acceptance, encouragement, healing and inspiration. His motto is “Don’t trace me to my church, trace me to my God.”

C-Note Banks – Send My Praize

C-Note Banks born and raised in Detroit, MI. He is also the lead singer of the contemporary gospel Group Nex Level. He’s a writer and producer of his new single Send My Praize.

Bert Cross II has been in music all of his life. From
playing drums in a Pentecostal church at the age
of five, playing in the junior and high school bands,
playing the organ for the church at the age of
fourteen, to playing for national evangelist by the
age of eighteen. He attended Bishop College
where he received his education and performance
degrees. He was one of the assistant directors
and recording artists for the late Mattie Moss Clark
National Music Department. Bert Cross II worked
in L.A. while learningHe would go on to become a recording artist with his first professional album entitled, To Be Used. That album was reviewed by Billboard Magazine in the ‘80s and was slated to chart. He would go on to produce many record projects as well as complete three more degrees. Bert Cross II taught music at the university level for fourteen years.

Bert Cross II – Where Is The Love

He is an author with two books to his credit and four music method books created for musicians and singers. the music industry business
in the early ‘80s. Now in full-time ministry, with an emphasis on Kingdom building and music, he is now actively engaged in producing his vision for music. The most recent project entitled, Where Is the Love (That He Gave Us?) is his return to the music business to testify about the love of GOD in these troubling times. There are many projects forthcoming, however, his activities will be summed up in his motto stated on his website. That is, “Leading people in becoming true worshippers and ministering to the glory and honor of GOD.

Will Cloyse ft Quita James – Without You

Born September 30, 1976 to Barnetta White and William Craft Sr in Wichita Falls Texas. I have 4 sisters, Shay West who went on to be with God, Tomika Neal, Tam Brigham and Lisa Sheppard. I started and writing music at an early age and started my first Gospel group called, The Voices Of Resurrection who traveled and performed at many events throughout the states. I am now a solo artist who still writes and performs and have completed my first video out and currently working on another. I am a Minister at Calvary Church in Topeka Ks where me and my Wife Kiosha Craft for 18 years and my 4 kids Xzavier, Cauna, Miracle and Shontal, work along the side of our Bishop Steven Crowder and Carla Crowder. In my lifetime,the lord has blessed me with many opportunities, but the best and the greatest opportunity was being able to serve and work for him.

Going In Jesus Name

 Melva Williams, Servant, Gospel Recording Artist is a native of Longview, Texas. She discovered her gift and love for music at the age of four. She is an anointed Musician, Singer/Songwriter, and Choir Director. She has served as a Music Educator in the Texas Public School System and Director of Music for many churches throughout Texas and Oklahoma. She is active in many church and community venues and has received numerous awards for music performances and service. She was selected as one of the finalists of the 2019 Prayze Factor Awards Season 12 in the Traditional Solo Category. She has been selected for the River and Word 2020 Music Minister of the Year Award as well as nominated in 2 Categories of the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards. She has released two music projects, “There’s No Other Name” and her most recent “Going In Jesus Name.” The power of her gentle compositional style brings a wave of spiritual peace and freshness to the gospel world. Her stylish musical savvy unites traditional and contemporary melodies to create a distinctly unique sound that mesmerizes and fills its listeners with the spirit of the Lord. 

2020 Rhythm of Gospel nominee; 2020 Kingdom of Gospel Nominee; Live performance 1/25/20 in the Love Worship Tour; Guest on the DWGS Show; Guest on Gospel Praise Mix Down Show; Guest on On The Jazz Tip Show; 6wks on DWGN Top10 Chart -wk 8/23 -9/3019; 2wks 11/18-11/25/19 N1M Local Soulful Chart #1 since 1/13/20.

Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio Ulysses gets his musical talent from his mother Geraldine Salett. For over twenty-five years Ulysses and his siblings have been singing Gospel, Jazz, Pop, and R&B. Ulysses’ talent has effected many lives with his soulful sound.   Ulysses (UL) has written and produced for other artists and continues to pay it forward to others who love to sing, produce and write. If ever you need great music this musician can follow your sound.  Salett Productions Is always ready to lend a helping hand in Music and Video Production. Ulysses has produced some of the world’s hottest talent. and has counseled with many that a lot of responsibility comes with enormous talent.

Hear I Am

Ulysses archives of Indie Chart ranking.

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