I am BourN’gan, formerly known as Anthony L. Smith. Last releasing music in 2002, I believe it necessary to reintroduce myself to the world. I am married with three sons and am very proud of the young men my wife and I have raised.  Ministry has never left me, as I have remained dedicated to my Lord, my family, my church and my community.  The Lord has continued to bless me with new material, while sustaining me as a husband, father, mentor and provider.  I have remained active in the community as a minister, educator, coach and mentor. I have looked forward to the day Jesus would enable me to flow in my musical gifts again. As I meditated on the vision that was placed upon my heart, the name “BourN’gan” was deposited into my spirit! I asked The Lord, “what does this mean?”  Not knowing the meaning, I was led to simply open up a dictionary and found the meaning to be simple in definition, but SPIRITUALLY PROFOUND! A “Bourn” is a river that flows seasonally…! “N’gan” is significant in that I have been led to share my gifting’s with the world again..