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Stephanie McDonald Media Enterprise

Stephanie McDonald was born to the late Russell & Elizabeth Williams on September 26 1973. She is the youngest of 10 children. She is proud mother to Andre & Trequan McDonald and Maurice Willians. Baptize at an early age at Venture Grove Baptist Church in Bracey, VA. Stephanie started conducting fundraisers at her church that’s also were she started doing gospel programs for individuals. Her first gospel program was a fundraiser for the graduates of ministry school. . She raised a lot of a record-breaking amount of capital for being a freshman promoter during that time. Stephanie acquired her first artist in gospel promoting which was Tonia Simmons. Tonia recorded one CD and is a winning artist of her time. She won Female Vocalist of Year at the Anjelica Music Awards. Other artists Stephanie promoted was Anissa Small, Marvin Harris & Inner Peace, Leroy Greene & Roadway QCs, and many others.

Stephanie has been nominated for Promoter of the Year at Anjelica Awards two years in a row in 2012 and 2013. She was nominated for a Rhythm of Gospel Award in 2013 also for Marketing/ Promotions Group of the Year for S& M Productions. Some of the artists Stephanie have brought to the area are Jay Caldwell & Ambassadors, Loving Sisters, The Bells of Joy, Spencer Taylor & Highway QCs, Min Ricky Mcduffie& Family, Sw washington& Favor, and others. Stephanie wanted to do radio.

Stephanie brought RSM Christian Internet Radio in late 2014. She was the owner and started her radio show The RSM Quartet Show she interviewed artists and played quartet music. Stephanie had the top show on her station. Stephanie owned New Vision Internet Tv and Walking by Faith Radio also. Stephanie won Internet Station of Year for RSM Christian Internet Radio, Business of Year for S& M Productions, Producer of Year for producing shows at 2016 Newsome Awards in 2016. She was the big winner of the night.Stephanie also won 2016 Radio Announcer of Year and Producer of Year at The Prazye Factor Awards.

Stephanie is CEO/ Founder of S&M Gospel Indie Awards and S&M Gospel Awards. She was nominated several more times at various other award shows. Stephanie was honored at 2017 Rhythm of Gospel Awards for Women of Virtue for being a strong woman in the gospel industry wearing a lot of hats.Stephanie was awarded 2017 Internet Station of Year at The Newsome Awards for VSC Radio. Stephanie still books and promotes for artists still such as SW Washington and Favor, Rev R L Bush& Revived Sons, Divine of Annapolis, The Legendary Supreme Angels and others.

Stephanie now has her own Tv show on VSC TV called The Gospel Spotlight with Stephanie McDonald which airs at 630pm to 7pm . Stephanie highlights gospel quartet artists. Stephanie is executive producer of her show also. Stephanie loves what she does look forward in the future to me you as well. Do you need promtion or want to get into the internet industry be sure to contact Ms.Stephanie Today!

NListic, LLC

Nlistic Media, LLC was founded in 1996 by Deon Ballard
(D balladeer) to promote and produce independent film, music, literature and spoken word. Nlistic Media, LLC. Concept, strives on the basic premise of keeping true to the art form of independent artistry, through media promotions; producing spoken word shows, open microphone readings, book publishing as well as movie production.
Nlistic Media, LLC. Consist of talented poets who are published authors of books, spoken word artists, and Talk Blog Radio/Talk Shoe personalities. Each member of Nlistic is a foot soldier willing to put in the time to get the message out about the movement and what we stand for as a poetic troupe. The soldiers, of Nlistic Media, LLC movement, strive on getting the message out, regarding love, peace, inspiring individuals through poetry/spoken word, community service, involvement in activist’s efforts, and support of individuals who need encouraging words of literary and spoken forms of poetry to uplift their minds and hearts, as well as feed their souls.
Nlistic Media, LLC is a small but intimate group of people whom process a positive and loving aura about themselves on a spiritual and personal level, which are the guidelines of what poetry stands for within the realms of Nlistic Media. As a poetic troupe, we strive to keep the artistry of poetic expression, media promotions, film production and music alive and in the hearts of many whom grace our presence.

Dr. Bradford Howard Jr.


 I am Dr. Bradford Howard Jr. of Doc Entertainment Group p o box 353 Windsor Ct. 06095 & att Website     <>    Dr. Bradford Howard Jr. is a Windsor Ct. Senior Citizen & 1970 St. Aug. Falcon. He is also a Songwriter/ Artist, Promoter/  Media Consultant, Radio Personality, Internet Radio Owner & Tv Writer/ Producer. He has been recognized through many Awards, Plaques & Certificates. In  2020, He will be receiving the Living Legend Award at a Gospel Music Award Show. He has received the Extraordinary Person of the Year for 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. He has also received 3 Lifetime Awards in Ministry & 3 Media Awards, 2 Lifetime Music Awards,1 Tv Award & a Silver Award in Music. He has also had a Day named after him in Hartford Ct., Springfield Mass. & one in California. He has also received Awards as a  Humanitarian & Advocate, Who assisted many from Our very Diverse Communities from the City of Hartford Ct. & the State of Ct. For more info., He can be reached at email & at Website Dr-Bradford  & at p o box 353 Windsor Ct. 06095.


Our station WHTL 95.2 is dedicated to new, emerging and independent artists. “We Play Tomorrow’s Hits Today” –   – Webstream: Airplay Magazine™  is a subscription based printed industry trade magazine with a focus on new, independent, underground and emerging artists. Published by HTL Consulting Group, Airplay Magazine goes out to music and radio industry people like DJ’s, DJ Coalitions, Record Pools, Radio Stations, Record Label executives, Booking agents, A&R reps, Bloggers, Playlist curators, Music programmers, industry tastemakers and Influencers.

Rizen Radio and Ministry

Teaching the Word of God with an understanding is the goal of Pastors Romero and Cherron Phillips. We believe the Bible is the written and inspired Word of God. Our mission is to cause a renewal and repentance in the lives of people across the world. Furthermore, we know that before you can touch the world you must have a heart for your community and those in it (individuals, families, neighbors, communities and so on). With this vision in mind, Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ Ministries is the launch pad for Word for Life Gospel Center to the world. With its foundation firmly planted in the Word of God, which is your bible, NAGC Ministries makes an effort to see changes in the lives of individuals, families, and communities both locally and internationally. NAGC Ministries’ vision and mission of spreading the Gospel reaches abroad. NAGC Ministries broadcast into hundreds of thousands homes weekly. From Cleveland, Ohio to the world. Reaching Australia, China, Greece, Saudi Arabia, India, parts of Africa and of course, America.

Dee Gee Productions

I am owner of Dee Gee Productions, a music and education conglomerate. My show, “Gospel in the Red Room” is a digital and TV show. Episodes are archived
on my Facebook page, Dee Gee Productions. I am the show host and executive producer. In September, we won “2019 Radio/TV Host of the Year”-awarded by the International Gospel Music Association in Atlanta, GA. The show has aired on Internet TV stations around the country and abroad. Darryl Gates is a native of Shreveport, LA. He retired in 2018 with 41 years of service as an educator in the public school system and two universities. He is a proud member of the Mt. Canaan Baptist Church ,Shreveport-Rev. Greg Oliver, pastor. In addition to being a musician and composer, he is a certified Christian Educator through the Sunday School Publishing Board. He has served on the staffs of the National Baptist Congress and Gospel Music Workshop of America. In 2019, he released his CD, “Gospel Classics-Vol. I” which won “2019 Traditional Gospel CD of the Year” awarded by the International Gospel Music Association. “Gospel in the Red Room”, his digital and TV show was also launched in 2019. It, too, won at the International Gospel Music Awards Ceremony in Atlanta.

Sam Stewart

Is a community outreach that started in 2012. Sam “D-ROAD” Stewart started this as a way to help kids and young adults come to know Christ, discover and realize their gifts, and keep them off “the streets” and out of trouble. Sam is the C.E.O of His Hop Records LLC, CLUB HIS HOP, HIS HOP RADIO NETWORK  & HIS MINISTRIES INC, that has helped with the mentoring and development of the artists, some of which Sam met at the Rescue Mission during his 10 year  Ministry as a Bible teacher. One gentleman in particular named James “Zone-3” Bonsell was homeless at one point in his life, and the Ministry of His Hop and in particular Sam’s guidance changed his life. He is Married and they just had a cute little boy. Zone-3 has been involved in events that occur every second Saturday of the month and is a part of the life changes that are happening in the Ministry with the people involved. We have been featured on KCEP 88.1 quite often, have been annually invited to Henderson and N. Las Vegas Metro Safe Night Out. Basic High School has had us out a couple of times, and Sam has been invited to speak at The Upward Bound suit and tie event.

Kingdom Influencers Broadcast

Kingdom Influencers Broadcast is a network of individuals who are dedicated to impacting and influencing the 7 Mountains of Influence through equipping and educating others on the principles of God. We are dedicated to delivering a sound to the four corners of the earth through biblical truths to help individuals grow and progress in the prospective areas. We will provide shows that focus on family, religion, government, education, media, arts and entertainment and business. Purpose: To Deliver the Kingdom Sound to the Four Corners of the Earth. Mission: To deliver a kingdom sound to the four corners of the earth through biblical teaching, preaching and Christian and gospel music from believers around the world. Vision: To deliver biblical education that educates, equips, and empower individuals with sound doctrine for day-to-day spiritual, professional and personal living. In addition, to connecting individuals of interest with support to enhance their personal and professional needs through training, development, and support for sustainability.

Terry McGee
Micheal Johnson

Centertainment Radio and TV

CFN-TV is redefining the way viewers look at television.  The mission of CFN-TV (PEN-TV) as a national/international network is to continue to be an eye-opening, collaborative and adaptive network.  The programs we share/air will not shy away from content, broadcasts, tv shows, and music that will bring a realistic full world view to our audiences, particuarly for people of color, (African American, Hispanic and other ethinicities that gets overlooked,  misrepresented or completely left out) which sometimes will cause our programming to contrast with other national networks. CFN will includes features, commentary and reports on  politics, current events, news, finance and entertainment! We use cord-cutting technology to provide multiple ways of viewing our programming, through ROKU, iOS and Android apps and soon traditional television platforms. Stay tuned!

Soul Saving Radio

Greetings,I would like to invite everyone to check out my website. My name is Anthony Syntrell Young aka Big T. I am an internationally-nominated radio/tv personality. I’m also a drummer–but most important a humble servant based out of Louisiana.

Ron Jefferson

Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas Nov. 17, 1960 to Mary Alice Jefferson with the father ‘UNKOWN’ on my birth certificate. Later in my teenage years I was told his name is/was Mark Taylor of Ft. Worth, Texas. At the age of 6yrs old my mother married Ernest Gray who took us to Detroit, Michigan when many black people were leaving the South for better jobs and a better life. Detroit was FAST with many people and always moving and so busy! I had to learn quickly the way of the BIG CITY LIFE which was like night and day from the small town that I had always known. I enjoyed many sports growing up and was pretty good, if I must say so myself. I was very popular and friendly and had many friends. Yet had family issues that made me feel alone and lonely many nights.

I attended Ferris State College in 1978 where I proudly pledged ALPHA PHI ALPHA. I moved off campus and due to roommates not paying their portion of rent. We were all evicted in mid-semester and I had to drop out. I joined the Air Force in 1981 out of a sense of employment desperation which lasted 2 out of the 6 yr. enlistment. Coming back home I met my first wife and were blessed with Jovan, Phoenicia, Nina and Keyana. After many darks times and years of addictions, homelessness and unemployment. I had to relocate back to my birthplace of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. With my employment as a Community Service Supervisor I am able to mentor young adults that are court order to the Pine Bluff Police Department. In 2016 I created ‘PRIDE BLUFF’ which is a city wide inspirational campaign. I have taken used voting campaign signs and have refurbished them and attached famous quotes from famous americans. We have a total of eight signs strategically placed throughout the city. I rotate them and add new quotes every month. The response from city residents has been very appreciated and supportive. Pine Bluff is also  where I wrote my first book ‘Listen To The Men!… THINK for YOURSELF. Through contacts on social media regarding my book. This gave me the opprtunity for a radio interview which eventually led to me hosting my own show ‘It Is What It Is!’ for 3 years and ‘The Gospel Train for 1 year.  Now GOD has given me the open door opportunity to create a brand new gospel presentation that is ‘FIRE’ The Gospel Experience on Feb. 2018. ‘FIRE’ is dedicated to declared JESUS CHRIST as the only savior for all mankind. But ‘FIRE’ provides a huge platform for indie gospel artists, ministers, authors and all gifted people in the body of CHRIST! Life is good and I’m ready to publish my next book in 2018 ‘The MAN CODE: Being A Man Of Purpose On Purpose! A call for understanding the qualities, dignity and characteristics of TRUE and GENUINE MANHOOD!

Dr. Pam Jones
Let’s Talk To the Lord Broadcast

Tune in to Min. John Ross broadcast every Wed. evening.