Deon Ballard

NListic, LLC

Nlistic Media, LLC was founded in 1996 by Deon Ballard (D balladeer) to promote and produce independent film, music, literature and spoken word. Nlistic Media, LLC. Concept, strives on the basic premise of keeping true to the art form of independent artistry, through media promotions; producing spoken word shows, open microphone readings, book publishing as well as movie production. Nlistic Media, LLC. Consist of talented poets who are published authors of books, spoken word artists, and Talk Blog Radio/Talk Shoe personalities. Each member of Nlistic is a foot soldier willing to put in the time to get the message out about the movement and what we stand for as a poetic troupe. The soldiers, of Nlistic Media, LLC movement, strive on getting the message out, regarding love, peace, inspiring individuals through poetry/spoken word, community service, involvement in activist’s efforts, and support of individuals who need encouraging words of literary and spoken forms of poetry to uplift their minds and hearts, as well as feed their souls. Nlistic Media, LLC is a small but intimate group of people whom process a positive and loving aura about themselves on a spiritual and personal level, which are the guidelines of what poetry stands for within the realms of Nlistic Media. As a poetic troupe, we strive to keep the artistry of poetic expression, media promotions, film production and music alive and in the hearts of many whom grace our presence.