The Donna Walton Gospel Network is a transformative 501c3 organization committed to uplifting Independent Artists by providing them with an exceptional media platform to share their music with the world. Through our various channels, including TV, radio, and Roku, we amplify their voices and showcase their talents to a broad audience.

In addition to promoting Independent Artists, we also prioritize community empowerment. Through our Community Magazine, we strive to instill a sense of pride and inspiration within the communities we serve. By highlighting local success stories, promoting positive initiatives, and sharing uplifting content, we aim to foster a spirit of togetherness and possibility.

At The Donna Walton Gospel Network, we firmly believe in the transformative power of music and its ability to bring communities together. Through our unwavering dedication to promoting Independent Artists and uplifting communities, we are on a mission to make a lasting impact in the world of gospel music and beyond. Join us as we celebrate creativity, passion, and the shared joy of music.

The Third paragraph of the original Articles of Incorporation as filed on July 31, 2020 is hereby amended to read as follows: The Organization is a nonprofit corporation that shall be organized and operated exclusively for charitable and religious purposes and other programs and projects as are described in §§ 170(c)(2)(B), 501(c)(3), 2055(a)(2), and 2522(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), or corresponding provisions of any subsequent federal tax laws. The Organization principally exists to (a) serve as a ministry that helps gospel artists get their music out on broad platforms; (b) solicit and receive funds for the accomplishment of the above purposes; and (c) pursue any other purpose permitted to be pursued by a charity (or, by a private foundation should this organization ever become a private foundation), as that term is defined in 26 USC §§ 501(a) and (c)(3) and associated regulations, as each may from time to time be amended. 


Consider supporting DWGN Concerts and DWGN Radio by making tax-deductible donations to our 501c3 charity organization the Arts. Your contribution helps showcase local and national recording artists from various genres.




DWGN is seeking assistance with sponsorships to support featuring artists in their hometowns and organizing concerts to promote exposure within their communities. We kindly request local churches, radio stations, and TV media to join us in this endeavor. For participation and more information, please contact Donna Walton at [email protected].

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Hello Beautiful Ones… I am so honored and excited to talk about my experience with DWGN. I have been a part of the family since the earlier part of this year and it has been life changing to my calling and my gift as a singer. Since I have been with DWGN and have been among such greatness and anointing I have been able to have my songs played on an abundance of radio stations and have had interview after interview. And here’s the best part… My Song. My Analogy has reached #1 on the DWGN Radio chart from DRT. I have NEVER had my sing top any chart… When I say I am among greatness and anointing, I mean just that! I am among Artist such as Samuel Miracle Brown who has been nominated for a Stellar Award… If you were ever teeter tottering on whether it is a good choice to join… I’m telling you now… Join before it is to late to join because there will be no room. Quevette - Stockton CA
Hello everyone, I just want to share my testimony on Donna Walton and the DWGN Network team. They have been a tremendous blessing to me in supporting my music with endless rotations every day and rotations with my music video. They have sent my music out all over the country with no Hassel, with all Godly Trust in DWGN Network, I don't have to worry about the how and when music is distributed by streaming because I am informed and notified of every play, every station, every location it's sent to. Multi Award Winner Donna Walton and the DWGN Network also make available to Independent Artists of potential shows available from winter, spring, summer or fall concerts where performances are needed for artists and much much more, so you don't have to worry about who you need to hire to produce gigs for you as performing artists. Not only for myself but for other Artists they have allowed me to invite others to join the team of creative people into the ministry of gospel. From my own heart to DWGN Network team I thank you so much for the Provision given in Godly honesty. Blessings for considering Me.. Earl "The BassMan" White, Atlanta GA
Unrestricted Praise, Houston TX
We love the DWGN family. It's helped us get more exposure throughout the world. We thank God for Ms Donna Walton and the platform she provides for independent artists like myself.
COMMENTS FROM THE HEART! I am very grateful to have been introduced to the DWGN Platform! I have enjoyed the professional promotion, bookings, radio stations rotation, Spotify support and fellowship with Donna Walton and other serious anointed gospel artists! I’ve been truly blessed by this ordained meeting!
Sirnan, IEUE Kingdom
DWGN is creating a road map for indi Artist to be fully exposed to new a audience local and international. DWGN is a pioneer in helping Indi artist to grow and fully establish themselves with the sole purpose of sharing and spreading the gospel .
Samona, Sacramento CA
DWGN has been a very supportive medium and platform for emerging and exisiting indie gospel artists. Very active on social media, they share updates on so many different artists and they celebrate the achievements of their artists in rotation. This station is robust and impressive. They have a great system in place and they provide great client services. DWGN ensures that Indie artists are heard. I appreciate this station and the encouragement that they have provided to me. I look forward to working together with this station, and you should too! They are worth it!
Soul Winner, Cleveland OH
Hello this is Soul Winner Young Lion and I must say DWGN Network has been very instrumental in helping me as an artist to gain more exposure internationally and as Kingdom artist advance so does the kingdom of God I am very grateful for this platform it has been nothing but a blessing to me thanks to Donna Walton very grateful for the vision God has given you.
G. Harris817, Forth Worth, TX
Hello this is G.HARRIS817 I’m sending a special shoutout to The DWGN Network for their amazing global accomplishments for independent artist from radio play, promotions,event transportation, non profit work to multi media television shows they are the cutting edge and the premier company resource liaison for this era. Salute 🫡 keep up the Kingdom Work.
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PJ Hill, Kileen TX
I am very grateful to you Donna for allowing me to do the things I have been wanting to do all my life. I have to do my 100th show this week. I have a song being promoted all over the world. I have met some awesome Indie recording artists that I would not have met without you. Thank you so very much for your love and support. Thank you for allowing me to Host my show. The Holy Matrimony Love Jams. I have successfully 100 weeks of music content including playing my own music. Thank you.
I have been so blessed to be apart of this DWGN Network/Family. We all get to know each other through interview and DWGN events. We all support each other. It is one big family that loves to Sing and worship God. I appreciate all of the doors they have opened for me as an indie artist. Opportunities that otherwise I would not have been able to find on my own. Its all love and unity here and our family and reach grow bigger every year. God is so faithful
Robert A Green Jr, Stockton CA name is Robert A Green Jr and Ive been blessed to be apart of the DWGN Gospel network for the last several years. Its amazing to me that this individual (Donna Walton) would take it upon herself to create such a platform for unknown gospel artist to be able to be heard all around the country..She is God send in my eyes and delighted to be a part of her ministry and vision... Sincerely, Robert A Green Jr
Gayla James, Ft Myers FL
Donna Walton and The DWGN has helped me in many ways to market my music. With her help, my music has been on music charts, major radio stations. My music has reached many that I couldn’ve done on my own. I appreciate Donna Walton and team for the advancement of my music!
Robin Burch, NYC, NY
A Great big thank you to Donna Walton /DWGN for giving the independent artist a platform to showcase there music ministries for always thinking about the independent Artists and always looking for ways to help them I’m Robin Burch/NYC
Terry Davis, Columbus OH
I’m grateful for Donna Walton and her team at the Donna Walton Gospel Network. They work continuously providing opportunities for indie gospel artists to share their music throughout the US and the world. Thank you, Donna and team for all your support!
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Slide Heading
The Agape Music Group, Atlanta GA The DWGN team is dope on so many levels! More than the opportunities they provide for independent artists, the way they love and encourage us is refreshing and necessary. Thank you for all that you do for the Kingdom and the Culture! -AGAPE.
Richard Ashe, Zebulon NC
This network has been a blessing to me by helping to promote my singles as I have released them. Mrs Donna was supporting my single “Still Alive” on her platform and I didn’t even know it. now that’s support… Thank you Ms Donna..
Wisdom Kingdom, Los Angeles, CA
I am thankful to God for the DWGN platform. The Donna Walton Gospel Network promotes independent gospel artists and gives opportunities that would normally cost a lot of time and money. These opportunities include radio, TV, live performances and a weekly Top 10 countdown. Best of all, Donna Walton does it for free to advance the word of God through the music. God bless DWGN! Selah! Wisdom from Los Angeles
Mr. Pickney, Long Beach CA
S/O to Donna and the DWGN Network for the love and exposure to Independent artist without networks like DWGN, Independent artist wouldnt have no voice. Thank You DWGN Mr.Pickney
Naneyere Thomas, Columbus OH
I am an Independent Artist and have been with the DWGN since the beginning. I am beyond blessed to be a part of this platform. The connections I have made reach around the world. Donna Walton works to create opportunities for the Independent Artist and the atmosphere is that of a family. We literally talk to and encourage each other on a daily basis. We collaborate and inspire each other to be the best we can be for the kingdom. If you are an Independent Artist, then The DWGN is where you want to be. Independent Artist
W. Denae Lovett, Atlanta GA
The Donna Walton Gospel Network is a comprehensive group of talented, influential, and dedicated people moving forward in their journey as Independent Gospel Artist who has shown remarkable resilience in continuing to inspire people of all walks of life. The DWGN ORGANIZATION has given everyone that’s involved with its mission the opportunity of growth, more exposure in radio/TV, Marketing Venues, along with travel and the creation of likeminded communities that allows the individual to build partnerships and professional connections. I am grateful to be a part of this group of talented independent gospel artist sector and look forward to seeing greater success in this realm. Thank you and God Bless!!! W. Denae Lovett, DLOVE MUSIC MINISTRY
Samuel Miracle Brown, Birmingham AL
“No one works harder for the independent artist than Donna Walton. God has given her a charge to promote and represent these gems in the music industry”- Samuel Miracle Brown
Pastor Steve Turner, Baltimore MA
The Donna Walton Gospel Network is America's Most Successful & the Hallmark of Gospel Recording Artistry... Pastor Steven. ' Music--Man' Turner
Paulette Triplett, Chicago Ill
THE DWGN NETWORK have the best of the best Indie Artists. I'm excited about being a part of this music community. It's the messages and the ministry that influences you to keep tuning in daily. The artist are anointed and relevant. Thank God for the vision God has given Ms. Donna Walton for this global life transforming kingdom tool. I also thank God for her diligence determination, vision, and tireless support of each artist to walk in their purpose....I am so thankful for this amazing woman of God. Bless your life and tune in Weekly to the DWGN GOSPEL MUSIC NETWORK.
De'lIsia James, Dallas TX
Dear, Miss Donna Walton I just want to thank you, for the amazing help, support, and work you do to help us Indie Artists. To push the Gospel through our music and ministry. You are such a beacon of light and encouragement to me, as well as the community you help serve much, love De'lisia James
Lydia Salett-Dudley, Raleigh NC
I've had the wonderful opportunity to be a DWGN artist for over 2 years. Donna works hard to provide exposure for our music and brand. She pushes for opportunities to showcase our talent and for that I am grateful. One of the highlighted events is when our family was featured on her broadcast during 2021. Her shows are always uplighting and her work is endless when it comes to promoting her artists. Thank God for someone who fights on our behalf.
Precious Emmanuel, Nigeria Africa
The Donna Walton Gospel Network is the one destination for those who are seeking the power of the Gospel through Music. It is definitely not a waste of time as you will have the best moment in God's Presence.
Nichelle Woods, Atlanta GA
I would like to say that I appreciate DWGN so much for helping Indie Artist like myself get exposure to the world. They give Indie Artist radio plays, interviews and most importantly a chance to perform to different cultures. They really show love! Thanks DWGN your are the best!
Charlena The Soulful Psalmist, AL
Dwgn with Donna Walton is a source and tool that is the inspiration in Inspiration. Moving and helping Artists that are move and inspired by God, Blessings
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