Ron Jefferson

Fire – The Gospel Experience

Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas Nov. 17, 1960 to Mary Alice Jefferson with the father ‘UNKOWN’ on my birth certificate. Later in my teenage years I was told his name is/was Mark Taylor of Ft. Worth, Texas. At the age of 6yrs old my mother married Ernest Gray who took us to Detroit, Michigan when many black people were leaving the South for better jobs and a better life. Detroit was FAST with many people and always moving and so busy! I had to learn quickly the way of the BIG CITY LIFE which was like night and day from the small town that I had always known. I enjoyed many sports growing up and was pretty good, if I must say so myself. I was very popular and friendly and had many friends. Yet had family issues that made me feel alone and lonely many nights. I attended Ferris State College in 1978 where I proudly pledged ALPHA PHI ALPHA. I moved off campus and due to roommates not paying their portion of rent. We were all evicted in mid-semester and I had to drop out. I joined the Air Force in 1981 out of a sense of employment desperation which lasted 2 out of the 6 yr. enlistment. Coming back home I met my first wife and were blessed with Jovan, Phoenicia, Nina and Keyana. After many darks times and years of addictions, homelessness and unemployment. I had to relocate back to my birthplace of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. With my employment as a Community Service Supervisor I am able to mentor young adults that are court order to the Pine Bluff Police Department. In 2016 I created ‘PRIDE BLUFF’ which is a city wide inspirational campaign. I have taken used voting campaign signs and have refurbished them and attached famous quotes from famous Americans. We have a total of eight signs strategically placed throughout the city. I rotate them and add new quotes every month. The response from city residents has been very appreciated and supportive. Pine Bluff is also  where I wrote my first book ‘Listen To The Men!… THINK for YOURSELF. Through contacts on social media regarding my book. This gave me the opportunity for a radio interview which eventually led to me hosting my own show ‘It Is What It Is!’ for 3 years and ‘The Gospel Train for 1 year.  Now GOD has given me the open door opportunity to create a brand new gospel presentation that is ‘FIRE’ The Gospel Experience on Feb. 2018. ‘FIRE’ is dedicated to declared JESUS CHRIST as the only savior for all mankind. But ‘FIRE’ provides a huge platform for indie gospel artists, ministers, authors and all gifted people in the body of CHRIST! Life is good and I’m ready to publish my next book in 2018 ‘The MAN CODE: Being A Man Of Purpose On Purpose! A call for understanding the qualities, dignity and characteristics of TRUE and GENUINE MANHOOD!