Will Cloyse

Born September 30, 1976 to Barnetta White and William Craft Sr in Wichita Falls Texas. I have 4 sisters, Shay West who went on to be with God, Tomika Neal, Tam Brigham and Lisa Sheppard. I started and writing music at an early age and started my first Gospel group called, The Voices Of Resurrection who traveled and performed at many events throughout the states. I am now a solo artist who still writes and performs and have completed my first video out and currently working on another. I am a Minister at Calvary Church in Topeka Ks where me and my Wife Kiosha Craft for 18 years and my 4 kids Xzavier, Cauna, Miracle and Shontal, work along the side of our Bishop Steven Crowder and Carla Crowder. In my lifetime, the lord has blessed me with many opportunities, but the best and the greatest opportunity was being able to serve and work for him.